Sunday, May 25, 2008

Random Mish Mash

A random mish mash of topics today since I haven't posted in so long...

Rant of the day---I love All Recipes and use it regularly to find really good recipes. What drives me absolutely batty though is that it is very routine for people to give a 5 star rating to a recipe and then when you read their review, they say it's a wonderful recipe, but oh, they only used half of this and twice as much of that and they didn't have this spice so they used that one. Seriously, not at all uncommon to look at something with hundreds of ratings and an average of 4.5 and then read through reviews and find that the majority of the people made tons of changes. How in the world does that mean the recipe was 5 stars? You aren't rating the recipe, you're rating your own adaptation of it! Drives me bonkers. If you have to change things, it's not a 5 star recipe.

Sedona update--we finally got the lines of communication straightened out and talked to the dietician at Texas Children's and found out she is getting 100% of her dietary needs met with how we're feeding her. So, yay, 2 points for not starving our child. Negative 50 points for crossing another possibility for poor weight gain off the list. She seems to be eating more now--she eats the same size serving of oatmeal for breakfast that I do and usually eats whatever we're having for dinner (run through the food mill) and a Sierra-sized portion of that. She doesn't want to eat lunch for some reason. Can't figure that out--she does lots of screaming, fussing, crying, and I have to really work with her to get her to take maybe 1/4 cup of cereal, an ounce of juice and 1/2 a jar of baby food. If I'm really lucky she'll eat pieces of bread off my sandwich or something like that. If we're out to eat, she'll take small pieces of chicken or refried beans or whatever. I think the biggest part of the fuss is not wanting baby food, but she's just not proficient enough at big people food to get enough calories that way yet. We have another two weeks or so until her next check up. She needs to be right at 18 pounds by that point to have maintained her growth curve. If she keeps growing at the pace she has been, she will drop to the 10th percentile by her 1st birthday. The constipation thing is still a battle--she needs a steady diet of either Enulose (her laxative) or fairly large quantities (5 or 6 oz/day) of prune juice to keep things reasonable and even then things aren't always good.

And now for picture-palooza!!!

Another of our very large skinks that hangs out around here. This one has a forked tail! This was the first day I caught it in the front yard, usually hangs out in the back. This is the one I found hanging out with a lady friend (pretty sure this is the male)--wonder where they're hiding out/planning to hide out babies?

Sierra's school had their graduation party. The kindergarten kids graduate and the others get a little surprise for working hard all year. Sierra sporting her prize:

And Sedona has wormed her way into the teacher's good graces LOL Every day when we pick up Sierra, she yells and waves from the moment we get to the gate until Ms. Lydia says hi back to her. So she ended up getting a surprise too :-)

Was digging up potatoes for dinner one night and found a special one. I'd probably get sued for using the real name, but looks like a certain mouse to me

Took Holly and Sierra to the splash pad yesterday. Too very excited girls having lots and lots of fun!!

Sedona sportin' her two teeth! These are still the only two she has. Sierra got 4 or 5 teeth all at once about 2 months after those bottom teeth came in, not sure what Sedona's waiting on! The really weird thing is you could see the ridges in her gums as soon as she was born. Sierra's gums were totally smooth until right before the teeth came!

We have officially moved Sedona in Sierra's room. She still comes to sleep in bed with us when she wakes up to nurse, but she starts out the night in there. So here are some pics of the girls playing in THEIR room :-) You might be able to tell from the arms of Sedona's outfit (the front is like a dress and supposed to be loose), that it's still pretty baggy--that's a 9 month outfit and she's over 10 months now. sigh!! some of her 6 month stuff still fits her...grrr

"I got a piece of bread!"

"Wait, what do you have?"

"Praise the Lord for the wooden food play set!"

And on to the garden...
The first tomato will be picked tomorrow and another 3 are right behind it. It will probably be less than 2 weeks before we are up to our ears in produce and swamped with canning duties every night!!!

And just for my dad (who insists a bowl of nothing but pinto bean "snaps" is the best vegetable ever)--the pinto bean plants have set fruit (before my black eyed peas I'm anxiously awaiting, I might add):

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