Thursday, September 18, 2008

Fall Garden

The fall garden is in and growing! There will be onion and carrot seed to go in a little later, but the bulk of it is done. The final tally:
75 various bean plants
24 broccoli
20 various squash (summer and winter)
6 cabbage
6 basil
43 various tomatoes
16 brussels sprouts
47 snow peas (these will probably get thinned more though)

and 17 strawberry plants have survived the summer and will hopefully produce next spring (not impressed at all with the nursery we bought them from...most were not well off enough to even survive, much less produce during, the first season)

The weather has turned cooler (you know you live in Texas when it gets to be 70 in the morning and your 4 year old bundles up in fleece and says, "it's FREEZING!!"). It occured to me after the cooler weather hit that Sierra doesn't have any pants or long sleeve t-shirts that fit. Shirts I'll have to buy, but pants were an easy fix! I made her some pajama pants out of old t-shirts I had saved (I think Josh secretly thought I had just become a fabric hoarder and would never find something useful to make out of 10 and 20 year old t-shirts). Now that I've made a pattern that I know fits her, I'll make her more pajama pants out of t-shirts and sweat shirts and then use the good fabric to make her some school pants that are less loose.

Two more random pictures...The girls standing at the doorway:

A picture of momma reading (again) that Sierra took:

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