Friday, September 12, 2008

Kimberly the overly cautious

So, we have Hurricane Ike bearing down on us. We are way far inland and water will hopefully not be a problem (seems like it will be moving fast enough to avoid anything but some localized flooding). Wind predictions are quite scary, even for our area---80mph winds are a possibility depending on where the storm decides to go, and it's so massive, winds will keep up over 30mph for about 24 hours or so. Well, I'm all about being prepared for whatever, especially since we have two small children. I'm not willing to take any chances with them and my idea is do whatever I can to be absolutely certain I'm over prepared. Anyways, a friend said I should post my prep plans on my blog (mostly just for the novelty of it). To be clear, I am not saying all this is necessary for everyone in our area. This level of prep just makes ME feel better and more secure (which helps me act calm, which, thus far, has kept the kids calm).

House prep:
Obviously, everything loose outside has been strapped down or put away.
Shed doors screwed shut since they have some give (so they're less likely to catch the wind and get blown off)
Moved the chickens to the area most protected by the house
Turned the a/c down five degrees so the house starts out cooler if we lose power
Filled every available container with water and put in the deep freeze---this will help the freezer stay cold longer and serve as drinking water as needed
Will fill the bathtub with water to use for flushing the toilet if needed
Boxed up heavy cans and moved to bedroom closet so we can shelter in pantry (innermost room) without worrying about cans falling
Charged up cell phones and rechargeable batteries
Put ridge rests (sleeping pads), games, cards in the pantry in case we shelter in there
Fill two 5 gallon jugs with water
have 90 gallons of rain water collection that could be used for washing, or filtered and purified for drinking
All laundry washed
All dishes washed
Already had plenty of non-perishable food and easy to cook on a camp stove food
Will get everyone bathed this evening just in case we can't for a while

Put Together the following boxes to better "shelter in place" or "bug out", whichever it comes to:

Box One:
two camp stoves and fuel and lighters
camping cook set
tent and tent fly
emergency blankets
NOLS wilderness first aid manual
leatherman tool
pocket knife
water filter
chemical water purification
UV water purifier
hand held fans
solar battery charger

Box Two (first aid stuff):
band aids
ibuprofen and kid's ibuprofen
topical antibotics
bug spray

Box Three:
baby books
car titles
deed to the house
homeowner's insurance info
check books
credit cards
social security cards

I'm very confident we could hang out 2-3 weeks with no electricity or water. Very very confident I could throw those three boxes in the car and head west if needed.

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Karen said...

I can't tell you how much I have been thinking about you and everyone there. My heart is with you. You sound very prepared and I will be watching to see where Ike goes. LUV YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!

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