Thursday, September 25, 2008

Seriously, just a 48 hour break is all I need...

Lots of firsts today! Some good, some bad, all deserving of mom and dad getting a break!!!

Sedona got her first real "time out" (as time out as it gets for a one year old---one minute in the play pen with me out of the room taking deep breaths and counting to 10). I keep snacks out on the coffee table for her all day so she can graze and today she decided to sweep her arm across the table to knock them on to the floor (really not a big deal except that the dog will eat them and that's a big waste). I told her "no" (which she definitely understands) and she looked at me, made her frowny face and kept looking at me as she pushed the rest onto the floor. So into time out she went while I cleaned up the mess.

After nap time, I got out the snack trap cup---it has a plastic lid with slits cut in it so there are "flaps" covering the top. The kids can reach in and get cheerios or whatever, but the food can't fall out while they carry it around. These worked great for Sierra and we got a good 6 months worth of use out of them before she figured out she could hold the flaps down and shake the cup to get all the snacks out at once. Perhaps Sierra's been passing on secrets when we're not looking, b/c it took all of 2 minutes to get this:

Don't you love how she's all, "what do you mean I'm supposed to eat them out of the cup? They taste better if they sit on the floor for a while first."

Then we had baby's first busted lip. She may have bumped her mouth before (I honestly don't remember), but this was the all out, mouths bleed more than anything, blood all over the shirt, wiping up blood off the floor, smear blood on mom type of busted lip. Pretty much just your basic "not so steady yet" toddler fall except she happened to get her bottom lip really good with her teeth. It's not a scrape, two really good puncture wounds there. She's eating fine, so a lot of screaming, a few bloody paper towels, clean clothes, an ice cube and a dose of advil later, I guess she's feeling okay. It'll be interesting to see what she looks like in the morning. The screaming woke Sierra up from her nap. Sierra's thought on the subject: "Momma, Sedona cried and woke me up, and I didn't appreciate that" aye yi yi.

THEN, Sedona went to bed and Sierra decided she wanted to read. She flips through books all the time and I didn't pay much attention until I realized that instead of making up a story to go with the pictures, she was actually reading the book. She read all of Gossie by herself! :-o This is a for real book. It's 30 pages long and it has words like "bright" and "every" and "heartbroken" and "gosling". And she got through the whole thing. On the second to last page she finally said, "this is hard work! I'm tired!", but I helped her with the last page and then when she closed the book, she got all excited again and said, "I can read what it says on the back!" She understands the story pretty well, too--at one point she asked me, "why is she heartbroken?" and I said, "well, you've been reading, why do you think she's heartbroken?" and she answered (correctly), "because she lost her boots". I know all this a good thing, and I'm proud of her. But also shocked that she's THIS capable and more than a bit overwhelmed with what to do with her education-wise!!

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