Saturday, September 13, 2008

Ike has come and gone

Ike has come and gone. We ended up pretty well off---the storm went further east than expected and left us well on the "good" side. The sunset last night was different than anything I've ever seen...amazing and scary. We got high winds, but nothing we felt the need to get in the pantry for. Almost 24 hours later, the rain and wind has stopped and it's hot, humid and still now. Hoping Invest 97 doesn't follow in Ike's shoes.

I'm thinking my family down in Houston will choose to evacuate for the next hurricane. They spent most of the 12 hours from midnight to noon in a closet under the stairs waiting for a tree to come through the roof. Lots of BIG trees down, obviously no electricity or water for a long time. Due to an unfortunate family emergency, a friend has had to drive from B/CS to Louisiana today--she says it's unreal, Ike was one BIG and BAD storm.

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