Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wise Beyond Her Years

A few Sierra stories:

Today when I picked Sierra up for school, she asked to go to the library. Well, can't turn that down, so we went. On the way home, I pulled into McD's to get a coke. She asked for nuggets. I said no. Without whining or throwing a fit, she calmly stated her case, "well, I was really good at the library, and I'd really like to get just nuggets please". Stating her case without being rude, argumentative or whining is a major thing I want to teach her, so I decided to get the nuggets. I go through the drive thru and get charged a different price than what's on the menu. The guy at the window is incredibly rude, acts like I'm an idiot and his stupid little computer is God and says, "well that's the price on the computer". I park the car and get the kids out and march inside and demand to see a manager. Get lunch for free, head back out to the car. Sierra's asking all sorts of questions and I'm explaining to her that even grown ups have to use good manners and it's inappropriate to be rude to anyone. I'm also trying to explain that when a store tells you something costs one price, they can't charge you a different price. She mulls everything over for a little bit and then she says, "you know, the people at Whataburger are always nice. Maybe we should eat at Whataburger from now on instead of McDonald's" THANK YOU!!! Seriously, if my 4 YEAR OLD gets it, the 25 year old dude working the drive thru window should have a clue.

She's also been on a kick about learning people's middle names. She doesn't seem to understand that momma, daddy, grandma, etc... have first names though. So I pick her up from school and she says she drew me a card. She hands me the paper and points to some writing and says, "see? 'momma christine hill'" The really impressive part is that you can tell she figured out the spelling all by herself and she's not that far off (for a 4 year old that hasn't even been introduced to long vowels and has limited exposure to blends). She wrote: mom cristen hill.

She's a smart cookie. Her teacher is thinking if her social skills catch up, and since she has an early October birthday (reasonably close to the "official" cut off date of September 1), she might need to go ahead and start Kindergarten (at the same school she's at) next year instead of doing another year of preschool. We'll see how she does and I'm planning to talk to a certain charter school here that would take her early for 1st grade.

And in accomplishments that are just as big......Sedona is working on the mechanics of feeding herself with a spoon. She does relatively well with applesauce. Apparently yogurt requires a more sensorial experience though ;-)

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