Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Long Term Goal Planning

I have really vacillated in the past about long term goals. My first instinct is to say that my long term goal is to own enough land and be capable of producing and preserving food well enough to provide (and barter) for most of our needs. On the other hand, I don't want to be tied to that piece of land. When my children are grown and having their own kids, I want to be able to go to them for extended periods of time if the need arises. This seems like a real conundrum to me. You can't have something like a dairy cow or goat unless you are there to milk every single day.

Then I went grocery shopping yesterday. It was a little bit eerie. The produce section had many many bins (at least 1/3) that were completely empty. The produce that was there was not really great quality. There were signs posted everywhere about weather patterns affecting supply. Despite the rest of the shelves being stocked, it pretty much freaked me out. It solidified my idea of continuing to improve garden skills and settling long term in a place where we can have extensive vegetable gardens and fruit trees. Because the thing is, if food should suddenly be in short supply, it will be too late to start from scratch. Providing for yourself is something you have to learn about ahead of time and practice on a regular basis, even if some people think you're nuts for doing so.

I've realized that where some people might feel secure with things like retirement savings, my sense of security is very much tied into having a reliable source of shelter and food/water.

P.S. More quilt updates coming later today, we've made A LOT of progress, I just haven't taken pictures yet

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Karen said...

Clint's Grandpa says the only thing that makes you wealthy is a piece of land that you can grow on, a few animals that make life easier in the long run and a family that loves each other. I think you're on your way to being one of the weathiest people I know.

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