Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yet Another Quilt Update

Making fabulous progress on the quilts. Could finish piecing the squares this week if I buckle down and work a little each evening. Having both girls around for spring break (and Sedona diving head first into the torrential three's) is slowing me down a bit.

Scrap Happy Quilt
We have everything assembled so that there are three pieces to sew together to make a block. Since I took the pictures below, I have finished half of the blocks (I'm making 113 total, 56 are done). Here are all the pieces

And here's what one block put together will look like (this one isn't sewn):

So far, I've managed to use 13 different fabrics in each block. Hoping I can keep that up.

Spindrift Quilt
I finished all the pinwheels!

Everything else on this quilt will be easy, there are no more small pieces and no sashing. Here is what a block will look like when it's put together:

The next update will get back into an instructional format as I finish up squares, do sashing and borders, then quilting and binding.

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