Monday, March 22, 2010

Scrap Happy Update

One last update on the Scrap Happy quilt piecing before I go back to a more step-by-step format.

On Saturday, we had a yucky cold front come through and it looked like this outside:So, while we were all sitting around in our PJs and staying in out of the cold and rain, it was a perfect time to sit down and finish out the Scrap Happy squares:
Now, I'm supposed to have 113 squares and somehow I managed to only end up with 110. I'm not sure if I just counted wrong somewhere (when you're cutting out over 1300 little rectangles, that could happen!) or if a certain 2 year old I know and love absconded with them, but either way, I need to cut and sew 3 more. Armed with a few squares, I headed off to the fabric store and picked out a fabric for my sashing (the fabric between squares). Just to get an idea of the overall look, I laid the sashing fabric out and laid squares on top of it.
So this is pretty much what the quilt is going to look like, only those black squares will be at the corner of every block. I like the little muted details on these fabrics:
I'm planning to pick a mostly black, with a thin white design on it for the triangles that will fill in along the edges of the quilt.


Veronica said...

So pretty. I like what the black adds -- makes everything else pop.

The Mama said...

Where did you get that fabulous fabric? :OP

Looking great!

Karen said...

I love this! You are so talented! I don't think I would have the patience to do this. It looks beautiful and I also like the little details of the fabric you chose. I'm excited to see the end product.

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