Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Quilt -Piecing, Continued

Disclaimer: I am in no way a quilting expert. I have learned solely from trial and error (emphasis on error) and reading on the internet. I have only made 4 quilt tops and have hand quilted 1 top and machine quilted 4 tops. I am not saying everything I do is the right way to do it, just sharing what I've picked up so far. You'll probably learn best by trial and error too ;-)

Scrap Happy Quilt
Sierra and I are making good progress on this quilt. We have sewn each of the 904 1.5"x3.5" rectangles into groups of two. I still have to press the seams on those. We finished sewing all of the 1.5"x2.5" rectangles into groups of two and then sewing those onto 2.5" squares. Each of these units will be the center of a block.

Spindrift Quilt
I've been working on making the 90 pinwheels I need for this quilt. Pinwheels are a bit confusing for me to keep straight, so it can be slow work. I'm not good at visualizing things, so it helps me to lay out all 4 blocks for one pinwheel to be sure I'm sewing them correctly:Then I sew the top half together and the bottom half together. I go through about 10 pinwheels at a time like this, speed piecing them. When these halves are opened, it will look like your corners don't match up. Never fear, you will be using up the bottom 1/4" in your seam allowance, they aren't supposed to match up yet:With my halves sewn, I go back and sew the top and bottom together:Voila! 1 pinwheel down, 89 to go. I have a slight pet peeve with this quilt. They have you cut 9 squares of 20 different colored fabrics: at the end of the day, that equates to 360 triangle units which will be put together in groups of 4 to make 90 pinwheels. In the pictures they show, their quilts have pinwheels where every colored triangle in one pinwheel matches. In reality, they don't have you cut enough fabric to do that. You really get 80 all matching pinwheels and the last 10 have to be put together from leftovers. It would have been better to cut 8 squares from 10 of the different fabrics (which would give you 40 pinwheels) and 10 from the other 10 fabrics (which would give you an additional 50 pinwheels, for a total of the 90 you need)

Quilt Step One: Planning
Quilt Step Two: Cutting Fabric, Preparing Machine
Quilt Step Three: Piecing The Quilt
Quilt: Piecing, Continued
Quilt: More Piecing
Quilt: Scrap Happy Blocks Pieced
Quilt: Spindrift Pieced
Quilt Step Four: Sashing
Quilt Step Five: Border
Quilt: Choosing Batting
Quilt Step Six: The Quilt Sandwich

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