Sunday, October 7, 2007

Let Them Be Little

There's a great country song called, "Let Them Be Little". The chorus goes:

Let them be little 'cause they're only that way for a while
Give them hope, give them praise, give them love every day
Let them cry, let them giggle, let them sleep in the middle
Oh just let them be little

And oh how true it is. Somehow I blinked and 3 years went by. The precious little baby I brought home from the hospital just yesterday is now running, jumping, laughing, playing board and card games, holding entire conversations and just generally being all grown up. I'm lucky that she still likes to cuddle but there's all too much "I do it myself!" when I want to play with her. Sierra's birthday is still a couple of days away, but we had her "party" today. A few pictures...

In the midst of diving into the cake.

Her BIG present. Momma, Daddy, Grandma and Pa-paw all shared the cost and it's counting for Birthday and Christmas. Took two full days to put the monstrosity together and we managed to keep it a secret the whole time!!

Going down her slide

Swinging with momma

Sedona giving Aunt Brandie a good dose of baby fever.

And along that whole "they grow up too fast" line....Sedona rolled over for the first time yesterday. My newborn's already gone!!!!! :-( She also smiles *and* laughs now. Where did time go? I feel like I'm cuddling with Sedona 90% of the day/night and it's still not enough!


Brandy said...

What a great surprise! How fun! It looks like she does really like her present! So glad ya'll pulled it off! :)

Erin said...

I'm so sad that I missed it! Looks like y'all had fun and that swing set is awesome!!! Hopefully I'll see you soon! Love, Erin

Julia said...

The playset is AMAZING! Great job, ya'll! And I'm impressed that you kept it a secret! It looks beautiful in the backyard!

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