Thursday, October 18, 2007

My Brain's Tired

A short over-view of our trash set up: We have a white trashcan for trash, and three green trashcans for recycling. The plastic and metal bin have white trashbags in them. Now, most guests we have over don't get the recycling set up and that's fine, we don't sweat it. But since Sierra lives here, we're trying to get through to her that all the bins are different (mainly so I can quit digging used kleenex out of the plastics recycling bin). So tonight she goes to throw away something and she's headed for the recycling again. This conversation follows:
Sierra: This one?
Josh: No, the trashcan
S (nodding her head): yes, this one
J: No, the white one
S: [Just looks at the green recycling bin with the white trashbag with a puzzled look on her face]
Kim: The one with the lid on it
S (looking at the trash can): oh, this one?
J: Yes, that one
S: Oh, okay (proceeds to throw away her trash)
S (while walking back to us): That made my brain tired

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