Thursday, October 11, 2007


Hello, my name is Kimberly and I'm a quiltaholic.

Okay, seriously. Never made a quilt in my life, but a friend gave me a bunch of fabric and a lot of it was scraps, so I figured, hey, maybe I'll make my grandmother a scrap quilt for Christmas. A lot of the scraps were already cut into squares, so I planned to just sew the squares together and there ya go. But I've never quilted, so first I did some internet research. I came across directions for making piece-work easier and free patterns and all that stuff, so I decided to try one of the patterns that was specifically intended for scraps. This was the result:

I realize they're not perfect, but pretty good for my very first block, I thought. I decided to go looking for another pattern, but ended up just playing with the fabric and came up with this on my own:

Again, I know it's not perfect or super original, but pretty good for my first no-pattern block! Then I was playing around with the fabric again and came up with this:

Yes, it's gonna be "scrappy quilt" to the extreme, but then that's kinda the point---use up the scraps and learn technique at the same time. I'm pretty sure my grandmother will get a kick out of it even if it's the ugliest quilt known to man LOL

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