Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I appreciate a company with a fast response time. I'm impressed by an owner that can convince his employees to work in an efficient manner. But really, I would have preferred I had not been told 400 strawberry plants and various fruit trees would be delivered next week if they were really just going to show up on my door step at 8pm tonight :-p This causes a tad bit of a problem....we don't have anywhere to plant the strawberries yet!! The plan for saturday was to prepare that space. The strawberries shouldn't really wait to get planted though, they need to go in the ground ASAP, so instead of a leisurely family saturday working outside, the strawberry plants are in the fridge and Josh will be staying home from work tomorrow to get us well on the road to getting them taken care of.

The only other news around here is Sierra's continued insistence that she is losing her teeth (because her Kindergarten-aged friend at school is starting to lose hers), and lots and lots of talking about the scraped knee she sustained at school on Friday. Unfortunately, she apparently doesn't remember *how* it happened. All I can get out of her is an (oft repeated) account of lots and lots of bleeding, getting a bandaid and then, "it not hurt anymore!!" It's really a teeny scrape and I suspect she was running on the porch again (which I've personally witnessed her teacher warn her about multiple times, but she still does it every single day when I get there). Oh, and we got locked out of one of the rooms in our house. When you buy an old house with various locks that you have no keys to, you should go ahead and change those. We spent two days trying to "break in" before we gave up and took a hammer to the door knob.

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