Friday, January 18, 2008


Coolest diaper cover EVER.

Yes, that would be purple faux fur. I told Josh he should never leave me alone with a box of fabric again. I plan to get a peace sign patch to sew on the back too. I'm telling you, coolest diaper cover EVER.

Update on Sedona....per the GI doc's recommendation, we fed her some avocado last night (her first solid food). She started passing blood in her stools again today. So we took the diaper to our pediatrician, who did a guiac on it (I had already done one, but they said they needed to see it for themselves). They confirmed the blood. Our pediatrician is supposed to talk to our GI and get back to us with the plan. It wasn't a lot of blood, so I'm not sure if they will go ahead a do a lower GI scope (since that's next on the list) or if we will go ahead and give her a little time with solid food. I'm telling you, *something's* wrong with her. I have no earthly idea what it is anymore (food allergy? metabolic disorder? physical abnormality?). I am glad we are working with this GI guy, I was happy with his way of working through things with us and developing a plan and I think he'll take care of her.

The first taste of solid food:

My gorgeous big girl

My gorgeous baby girl

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One Acre Homestead said...

I must say...that is the grooviest diaper cover I've ever laid eyes on! You are an ar-tist, my friend! :-D

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