Thursday, January 17, 2008

Our GI Visit

Well, I liked Dr. Klisch and really really liked his assistant/student/whatever Dr. Kim. GREAT bedside manner.

So, they think she has lymphonodular hyperplasia. Basically, lymph nodes along the intestines grow through the intestinal wall and get irritated as the stool passes (causing mucus and bleeding). They said the first suspects would have been cow's milk protein allergy and CF, but we've already ruled those out, so this is the next thing on the list. If that's what it is, it should resolve on its own by the time she's a year old.

In the meantime, the plan is (imagine that, a plan!!!) to start her on high calorie solid foods and see the GI again in 2 months. If she drops below the 50th percentile (right now she is right above the 50th), they want to do a lower GI scope. If she starts bleeding again we are to contact the GI right away. They also let me know they do not do general anesthesia for a lower GI scope.

I was very happy that they had a plan. It's mostly still "wait and see", but they gave me an end point to that. And a name of what they think is going on. They also asked it we were okay with that, what other options are and said, "it's not gonna hurt my feelings if you don't like this, but it doesn't help anyone to leave and then grumble about it. If you don't like the plan, tell us so we can work on something else". Like I said, VERY impressed with the bedside manner.

When I got home, I quickly put "lymphonodular hyperplasia" into google (bad idea). Everything that popped up was in relation to it being caused by food allergies in kids. ARGH We've already been down the food allergy testing road...For now I'm gonna resist the urge to search more and just enjoy having a plan.

And in Sierra news...I picked her up from school and she fell "heine over tea-kettle" and smacked her face into a concrete step. She busted her bottom lip pretty good. You can see the bruise on the outside and a really deep cut on the inside--yeouch.

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