Sunday, January 27, 2008

Today's savings

Ways we stretched money this weekend....half a quart of strawberry yogurt was nearing the expiration date. So I used it to make muffins and also added in a handful of dried strawberries (we stocked up long ago and dehydrated and froze what didn't get made into jam). Now the muffins are in the freezer and I don't have to throw out the yogurt!

Had hamburgers for dinner last night. That left me with a skillet of grease. Today I'm cooking some pinto beans ($5.29 for 10 pounds at Sam's), and will use the grease to make homemade refried beans. I'll have ready to go refried beans in the freezer, won't buy refried beans at the store ($0.50 a can for the cheapest off brand), and won't have to dispose of the grease. Okay, okay, I know refried beans with beef fat aren't the healthiest thing in the world, but they're so yummy and "everything in moderation" ;-)

A friend who's also into self-sufficient living called up this morning to let us know she and her husband had 75 fish they needed to do something with. We headed on over and got a cooler full of fish for free! :-)

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