Monday, January 21, 2008

I don't know

I'm gonna venture a guess that for many years, my mom's least favorite phrase was "I don't know".

Who made this mess? I don't know
Who left the milk in the cabinet and the cereal in the fridge? I don't know
Who left a wet towel on the carpet? I don't know
Who cranked the gas valve all the way open and created a fireball that blew Brian across the living room and burned off his eyelashes?

Oh wait, that last one was me. Everyone still gets a little sketchy if I'm around a fireplace.

Anyways...Sierra has taken to drawing stick figures. An excellent specimen is presented above. According to her (remember...always ask, "tell me about it", not "what is it?" sounds incredibly corny, but I promise you, the toddlers eat it up), this is a picture of momma, daddy, uncle brian, sedona and sierra. Saturday night, Josh discovered a little blue stick figure much like these on the door frame of our bedroom. Just one stick figure, not crazy scribbling or anything. Now, I don't know about you, but I'm guessing there's only one person living in this house that would draw a stick figure about 2.5 feet off the ground with blue dry erase marker. Last I checked, the dog hadn't yet advanced to stick figure drawing, and Josh and I are too dang tired bend down that low these days. And since Sedona is still primarily interested in drooling and tasting things, that left Sierra.

Josh: Sierra, did you draw on the door?
Sierra (who has never done this before, and I think may have truly not known it was a bad thing, but definitely figured that out real quick from the tone in daddy's voice): Nun-uh. Someone else did it. It wasn't my fault.
Josh: I don't know who did it, but we do not draw on doors or walls around here
Sierra (eyes as wide as saucers and looking for a way out): Sister! Sister did it!
Me: I don't know who drew on the door, but you're going to help me clean it up
Sierra grabs up the rag, looking very relieved that this isn't going worse for her
Me: Sierra, you know it's not real good to draw on the door, and it's not good to lie either
Sierra: I drew on the door. I put a circle right there, and a line right there, and......

So, you heard it here first, I have the most advanced 6 month old known to man. She can sneak out of the room, pick up a marker, take the cap off, crawl to the door, stand up, and draw a stick figure without us noticing ;-) Haven't seen any other drawings where they don't belong, but man was it hard not to just fall down in hysterics when she tried to blame it on Sedona.

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