Thursday, January 10, 2008

Updates on the homefront

Sedona is scheduled for her GI visit. The doctor is a guy that comes up from TCH, so he should know his stuff. I highly doubt he'll find anything, because, well, no one else has. She goes next Thursday. Her weight gain was so good last week, that I decided to put her on the scale again Wednesday. I figured maybe the gaining trend would have continued and we could just cancel the GI appointment and go about our merry way with a healthy baby (I'll stick my head in the sand about slimey green poop if she'll gain weight well). As it turned out, she lost an ounce over two days. Taking weights close together like that is bound to give you some plateaus and dips, but it wasn't the continued fast gain I was hoping for. Oh well, we'll see what next Monday's weigh in brings.

Pictures from our world:

Sierra riding her bike. It's not nearly as dark as it looks, and we were just going to the end of our street (a long cul-de-sac) and back:

Sedona's first ride in the backpack. I can't believe she's made it this far without being packed anywhere. Sierra was already a veteran at that age! I think as soon as it's warm enough I may start walking to work with her in the pack (it's only a mile)

Homemade peach kolaches! Muchas gracias to uncle coo and aunt jen jen for the new cookbook. My first try at kolaches went okay....I was a little heavy handed with the dough (so they're a tad tough) and I over filled some (so the filling spilled out and sorta carmelized on the bottom), but I'm confident I could do really well next time. Bonus, these are filled with peach "jam" we made two years ago and didn't cook long enough (so it's really more of a peach syrup/jam hybrid)---I finally have a good use for all those jars of peachy goodness! Sorry the picture's sideways. I forgot to rotate it and honestly, I'm too lazy to fix it now.

The new diaper cover I made Sedona. I think I did pretty well, except I couldn't get a waist that was big enough to go over her thighs and still small enough on her waist. I think this style will work just fine once she's standing up and can help me get it on her, but in the meantime, I'm gonna have to try my hand at a more traditional shape that goes on like a disposable diaper.

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IamtheMom said...

that cover is super cute! I love the fabric!

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