Wednesday, January 16, 2008

shake, shake, shake

I don't think I'll ever buy another diaper cover. Took me about an hour to make my own and it works darn good! I know it looks like burlap, it's really brown fleece (again, muchas gracias for the box of fabric remnants for christmas!). She's also all splayed out---she really can put her legs together with a cloth diaper on, she was just in a splayed out mood I guess ;-)

Here's a quick video of Sedona. She believes everything in the world is best experienced by tasting, so the video stops when she tries to eat the camera.

And two quick videos of Sierra. The first is her around 18 months or so "shake, shake, shaking". The second is her doing one of the dances from her dance class. She's watching the video of her little informal recital (she's not actually IN the video, b/c she was too shy). At the end of the video she runs off b/c she suddenly decided she had to have pizza right that instant.

P.S. sorry, there's no sound, these were all just taken with the regular camera instead of the video camera

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