Monday, February 18, 2008

100th post

I've learned how to make prefolds! It's easier than I thought it'd be. Better yet, I learned how to make cheater prefolds from old t-shirts. I have a whole box of t-shirts with ratty collars, holes at the seams, etc... and I've been saving them, but had no specific plans. They shall now become diapers. Here's my first one:

It probably makes me a bad aggie that two twelfth man t-shirts got turned into a diaper, but I think it's kinda cool (and if anyone wants to donate some old burnt orange, UT shirts, I'll be happy to have my kid poop on them).

I also learned that the remnants cart at JoAnn's is even more dangerous when there's a big sale on flannel. Since everyone was happily gobbling up $2/yd flannel, I was happily gobbling up the leftover 1/2 yd, 2/3 yd and 1 yd pieces at half off regular price, then 75% off that. I got all the below fabric (right around 7yds--most is flannel, the purple on the end is knit) for $2.50. Yay!

I went back the next day and picked up three more flannel scraps--it was about 2 yds for $0.60 or so. Perfect for making diapers or pads.

And here's my latest completed project...a homemade mei tai (completely from fabric off said remnant cart :-) I paid somewhere around $2 for this. Yay me.

As you can see, fits both kiddos, though I chose to make the straps out of knit (which everyone says is a big no-no, but I don't care--I'm used to my moby, which is knit, and wanted this knit too) and they aren't quite wide enough for holding Sierra up. it works, but it's not real comfy. The directions said to do 9-15 inch wide straps and I only made mine about 8.

And in bad news---the price of flour has gone up. booooo hisssssssss

chickens seem to have doubled in size in the last 3 days. they all have most of their wing feathers and tail feathers are poking through. Two of them have been named---one of the black ones has red stripes on her wings, so she's been named Cinnamon. One of the goldens has plain yellow wings (the others have black stripes), so she has been named Jane (as in plain jane). The rest remain chicken nugget, chick-fil-a, omelet and scrambled until they give us a better name idea for them.


Rachel said...

Great job! Did you use a serger for the prefolds? Do you have a serger? Just curious because I've been thinking of making my own, but I don't have a serger and I can't seem to make a zig-zag stitch on the edges that I like as much as serged edges (I know, get a grip).

The Hills said...

No, I don't have a serger, but my sewing machine is a really nice one (courtesy of my MIL) and has a really great overlock stitch that works wonderfully. When I asked about a serger back when I started sewing (specifically for diapers), the lady at the sewing store asked what kind of machine I had and said there was really no point in having a serger with the set up I have.

Now that I think about it though, for prefolds made from t-shirts, the fabric wouldn't unravel anyway, so you could just topstitch across the ends (to keep it from rolling too much).

One Acre Homestead said...

Where'd you get your pattern for the mei tai? Maddie has long since outgrown the sling, but I've been looking at mei tais as an alternate kid wearing device. They're SOOO expensive online!! :-0

The Hills said...

I started with this pattern:

But I changed some things on it---I didn't do an inner layer (her body is three layers thick) and I didn't do a pocket. I used fancy webbing for the knots on the "sleeping hood" instead of trying to turn itty bitty long tubes of fabric.

For holding Maddie, I would definitely do WIDE straps--12 or 15 inches (you'll get to practice your pleat-making skills ;-) and probably would use 45" decorator fabric for the whole thing...body and straps. I think when Sedona is heavier I will make another one with some different specs(hey, at $2 a pop I can make 10 ;-)

Ana said...

okay. so i am totally in awe that you guys (rachel, amanda, etc.) can do this type of stuff. I am so not crafty!

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