Saturday, February 2, 2008

Fun Times

I'm addicted to the fabric remnants cart at JoAnn's. Especially while said remnants are 75% off original price. I've picked up 1.25 yds flannel, .67 yds fleece, .33 yd terry cloth, .8 yds cotton canvas and 1yd of...well, I'm not sure what it is, kinda like fleece, but only fuzzy on one side. All of that cost me $5. I can make an amazing amount of stuff to replace wasteful and polluting disposable things with that much fabric.

My pina colada cakes came up way yummy. This went better than my pumpkin bread attempt (the second try always goes a little better). I had the appropriate amount of head space in the jar this time. Take a look:

And today we "planted" some of our potatoes!! We used up all of our newspaper, so we figured we'd wait a week or two (and a few sunday papers) before planting the rest. That will give us a more spread out crop too. This hay bed isn't even half of what we have :-o If this works like they say it does, we're gonna have an awful lot of potatoes to eat/preserve!!!!

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