Monday, February 4, 2008

King Cake!!!

Okay, I figured out I'm almost a month late (apparently you're supposed to do the King Cake for the Feast of Epiphany), but I got to thinking it was Mardi Gras weekend and decided I needed King Cake. I've never made one before, it came out way tasty:

I just finished it yesterday afternoon and it's already gone. Only a little over 24 hours later, even with everyone out of the house all day today :-)

I always joke that Josh surreptitiously moved in when we started dating. I kept saying we weren't living together and every so slowly, his stuff kept showing up. Next thing I knew, all his stuff was at my place and he had no lease (we had already combined money, so this wasn't nearly as big a deal as I tease him about it being). Earlier this year he pulled a similar move to build a shed. He kept saying he was going to build a shed and I kept saying, "with what money?"--we had budgeted for a kitchen remodel, but not a shed. Next thing I know, he's purchased 2x6's and other basics with his own money and built the floor. Then, of course, we had to finish the shed. He's very very wily. I believe the same technique is being used to get healthy, nearly-free eggs. One day I'm gonna come home and find chickens in my backyard. He's been talking up the chicken idea since before we moved in and at first I nixed it, but I'm starting come around. At the first mention that I might be okay with backyard chickens, he tells me he passed a house remodel and wants to go ask if he can dumpster dive (great money saver, by the way....get free materials from work sites that are throwing them out). Well, the guys let him take out what he wanted and he now has almost all the makings of a chicken coop. I must give credit where credit is due---he's got a pretty cool design going. It will tilt back on wheels so we can move the chickens from place to place (a la Joel Salatin) and it will be triangle shaped with sides that lift up for getting eggs without having to crawl in the coop.

And last, but not least, received the March issue of Bon Appetit today---gotta love it when they have a recipe that includes stuff we have on hand. Tomorrow night's dinner will be potato, feta and greens quesadilla....looks a lot better than it sounds.

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