Friday, February 1, 2008

Let them eat cake!

Note: I have since learned my initial skepticism was correct and canned cakes are at risk of Clostridium botulinum growth, so don't do it! More info on canning safety

So, if there is a massive power outage and shortages of eggs, milk, butter and flour, we will still have cake!!! Hey, it's the little things, right? In a recent issue of Mother Earth News, there was a small piece about canning cake. Yes, cake. You make up your batter, cook it in a wide mouth pint jar and when it's done cooking, immediately put on the lid and band (i.e. only take one jar at a time out of the oven). As it cools, the lid seals and you have a little "cake for 2" on the shelf that's (supposedly) just as good 6 months from now as it was fresh out of the oven. I was extremely skeptical and thought the person was nuts. I'm not sure why, but I got a bee in my bonnet to try it out this week. It was one of those, "I must try this RIGHT NOW" things. I guess I'll have to wait 6 months to see how it really goes, but so far, it all seems to have gone according to plan. Pictures:

Sorry for the blurry oven pic and the glare...I never claimed to be a photographer. This first batch was pumpkin bread. Right now I have pina colada cake in the oven...yummmmmm From what I've read, this only works with quick bread type cakes. Regular cake will fall.

Sierra is gaining quite the little personality. When she got told she had to put a certain toy away a few days ago, she threw herself face down on her bed and said, "you made my heart sad!" Yup, she's my daughter. 20 years from now she'll probably mellow out LOL. Today she brought home a drawing from school. I had to take a picture of it to share:

I practiced my "tell me about your picture!" skills and learned that that's "momma, daddy, little bity sedona, and sierra" (in that order). No, I don't have a goatee and antennae, apparently I'm upside down. I'm not sure why I have to be upside down, have a mohawk AND have my mouth on my forehead, but it was good for a chuckle.


One Acre Homestead said...

I'm thinking that you are doing some very advanced yoga in that adorable family portrait! Super mama!!!

Snyder Central said...

I tried the canned cake thing. They didn't last 6 months. I think they made it 1 before they started getting moldy. And I couldn't get over their phallas shape.

The Hills said...

LOL over the shape :-) We made a pina colada cake later that week and it went better (filled up the jar). What kind did you try making? Ours are doing fine (at just over a month old)--no mold and still tasty.

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