Monday, August 25, 2008

Home again, home again

Made it back home from the CAPPA conference yesterday! CAPPA holds a free conference for members every year and this year it happened to be in Dallas, so it was pretty convenient for us. I made it home with lots of ideas and the energy to put them to work! Loved, loved, loved the information about prenatal exercising for better baby positioning and also the $15 DVD I picked up that will show parents what I keep trying to explain to them about "fussy" babies and how to calm them. Also had a great time networking and sitting down with the lovely CAPPA ladies.

Today it's back to trying to settle into a routine again. The first thing on my to-do list this morning was to go by a good swimsuit. I've just about committed myself to doing my first triathlon (haven't signed up, but told my friends I'll most likely join them there). When we first started running, I wanted to give triathlon a try, and then when I got my bike, it became a serious goal. I'm still gonna have to learn more about getting through the swim in one piece, but I can do it!

Sierra quote of the day: "there's magic in my heart" I choose to believe it's "magical world of disney" magic and not black magic. Life is good.

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Snyder Central said...

LOVING your "disney vs black" magic comment!

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