Saturday, August 16, 2008

Snapshot in Time

Got this idea from another blog I read, thought it'd be neat to list some facts about the kiddos.

Sierra--3 years 10 months
*36 pounds, 40.5 inches
*Cut her own hair for the first time a month ago (well, I found out this week that my nephew helped)
*Climbs everything--the fridge, the cabinets, the wall, the carts at the store
*Explains her emotions in relation to her heart (i.e. "you made my heart sad", "that scared my heart")
*LOVES to learn and would do schoolwork for hours at a time if I didn't steer her towards "fluff" activities every once in a while
*Already reads books that focus on short vowel sounds and have 2-3 sentences per page
*Recognizes the shape of Texas and points it out wherever we go
*Loves to ride her bike on the driveway, but prefers if we will take her to ride on the street
*Loudly discusses the specifics of how cow's milk and chicken get to the store when we go grocery shopping
*Claims to like vegetables but wouldn't actually touch a vegetable with a 10 foot pole (well, except for french fries, which don't really count)
*Loves yogurt and applesauce
*Gets a box of apple jacks every time she visits grandma and pa paw
*Loves the taste of all kinds of medicine (yuck! blech!) and pretends to be sick to try to con us out of medicine
*Loves to do chores
*Is as excited about the new Target as I am
*Very badly wants to join the book club I attend
*Plays "little momma" to Sedona--wants to take care of her, feed her, change diapers, share her room, and play with her
*Wants so badly to have more control of herself and the world---there's more frustration in that little body in one day than I see in most kids in a month.
*Plans to be a princess, a mermaid and a doctor when she grows up (she doesn't change which one depending on the day, she says all three at the same time every time)
*Not a big fan of the dog

Sedona--13 months
*20 pounds, 29 inches
*Now walks 10-20 steps at a time
*Has long, blond, mostly straight (how'd that happen??) hair
*Eats everything
*Feels the world is best experienced by tasting---everything goes in her mouth for at least a little bit
*Loves rattles and shakers
*Cries if her sister cries
*Has 6 teeth
*Loves the dog--pets her, shares food with her, tries to eat the dog food
*Has been sleeping through the night (well, 10p-5a) for about 2 months now
*Feels the best response to being told no is dramatic yelling and banging her head on the floor
*Loves playing with baby dolls
*Has never been super interested in nursing and has only asked (through signing, etc...) to nurse a handful of times. She wants to snuggle up every time she sees me without a shirt, but she'd just as soon stick to solid food and water/juice for nutrition.
*When she hears the truck pull in the driveway, she yells "daddy!!!!!" and makes a bee line for the front door
*Loves to cuddle
*Got her first drink of coke thursday (I was holding a coke and her in one hand and holding Sierra's hand and trying to get across a busy parking lot---Sedona leaned down to reach the straw and CHUGGED. The more I said, "no" the faster she drank!!)
*Can say: momma, daddy, kisses, hi
*can sign: more, food, all done, milk, hi/bye (just waving) and understand all those signs plus "drink" and "water"
*Loves music and seems unable to avoid dancing when music comes on
*Loves playing with magazines and newspapers

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