Tuesday, August 26, 2008

ninety....one HUNDRED!!!

Sierra learned to count by tens yesterday. She is very very excited and proud (as she should be). It all started b/c we were learning the difference between dimes and pennies and adding up how much money was there given an assortment of dimes and pennies. Duh, mom, she doesn't know how to count by tens yet. So, we took a detour and learned that skill. Didn't take her long at all and, even better, she retained the information and could still do it this morning. I'm told she ran into her classroom this morning to tell her teacher and even had to tell the guy that mows the grass at the school when he came by ("Momma, I told Ernest my new thing I learned!!").

I came up with way too many good ideas at the CAPPA conference and now find myself busy busy trying to get it all done. Well, actually, Sedona is sick and cranky and keeps me busy all day, so the little hamster wheel in my brain is squeak squeak squeaking away as it thinks of things to do all day. I manage little snippets here and there and by the end of the day I've accomplished quite a bit. Next on my list is a childbirth class I'll start in September, which I'm pretty much ready for, but need to gather visuals and put together packets. Then in October, I'll be holding a lactation educator training in Houston. If you're interested, or know anyone who might be, check out my website or the CAPPA website for more info.

Also on my list is the 2008 Hi-Fi Tri. It's a sprint triathlon (.3 mile swim, 19 mile bike ride, 3.1 mile run) being held in Galveston at the end of October. I'm 99% sure I'm going to do it, and Josh mentioned tonight that he might want to sign up too. I'm sure all I have to do is fill out the registration and it will ensure this to be the first cold Texas October in years ;-)

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