Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sierra's Turn!

Sierra found the ants today. Of course, it was when we were leaving school b/c dramatic, "my foot is going to fall off!" screaming is always better with an audience of other parents. Even better when your little sister is right there to scream and cry with you b/c you're crying. She got three bites on her foot, but they look fine. Either they weren't fire ants (though it sure sounded like it from the screaming), or she's not insanely sensitive to them like her daddy, or they just haven't had time to swell yet. I like getting rain. I don't like when we don't get rain for weeks and then get so much that it completely saturates the ground and pushes all the ants to the surface.

Sedona seems to be hitting the first "verbal explosion". She said "more" today (expanding her vocal vocab to 5 words) and signed "bath" (expanding her signing vocab to 6 words). You can tell the light bulb's gone on--she realizes that all this "blah, blah, blah. blah, blah, blah, blah" she's hearing actually means something and that joining in the conversation will get her things she wants. She gets all sorts of happy and excited when she knows she got her point across. If she signs "please" and you say, "bath?" (they're similar signs, especially when a baby's trying to do them) she just stares at you; if you say, "please?" she laughs hysterically. Her favorite word to say is still daddy, and I have to admit, as nice as it is to hear "momma", I've never heard anything quite so cute as her little voice saying, "daddy".

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