Monday, August 11, 2008

It's in the genes

Made an impromptu trip down to Houston this weekend. We took Sierra to the health museum. Random pictures:

Riding a bike alongside a skeleton that rides the same pace that you do (to see how your bones work together)

They happen to be hosting "Grossology" for the summer. Here she is shooting "dust" up a giant nose. Once you got enough, the nose would "sneeze" all the dust back at you:

Sedona was fascinated with the giant animatronic guy with a faucet for a head (yes, green snot oozed out of that faucet as he explained why/how you make snot....blech)

I supposed we can't blame her (it has to be in the genes, right?) but we couldn't get Sierra off the climbing wall. Being the "grossology" exhibit, the wall was supposed to be skin and the climbing holds were made to look like pimples, cuts, moles, etc... again.....blech. She liked it though!

Then when we came home, Sedona had her very first encounter with an oreo cookie ;-)


Crissy said...

That was just one cookie?! Btw, I love reading your blog! :)

Jen-Jen said...

Nice haircut Josh! Your Bro is getting his cut tomorrow.

Julia said...

Is that the museum next to the Childrens Museum in Houston? I wanted to check that out but wasn't sure if D was old enough - did you find there was good stuff for preschoolers? looks like fun!

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