Friday, October 31, 2008

Did ya vote yet?

Have you voted? If you're in Texas, today is the last day for early voting. I have suspicions that all this "McCain doesn't have a chance" talk is just a conspiracy to get people not to vote (which could be beneficial for either party)---why, yes, I do have my tin-foil hat on, why do you ask? Seriously though, go vote. There are probably elections going on in your area that will end up being more important to you personally than who the next president is (there's the quite valid argument that one guy can only do so much, but who ends up with a majority and how much of a majority in congress makes a much bigger difference). If you don't make it out today, your last chance is next Tuesday. In Texas, you can visit this website to find your polling place. Did you know you can even vote curbside in Texas if you are physically unable to enter the polling place? (this seems a little weird and open to tampering to me, but it's a factoid I didn't know before today).

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