Thursday, October 16, 2008

The silver lining post

What Happened: I tried to melt butter in the microwave a little while back. It wouldn't melt. Then the microwave started sizzling. Then it stopped working all together.
Silver Lining: At least it didn't catch fire, I hated the "super nuclear power" microwave anyway (it was 1300 watt), and microwaves happened to be on sale at Target that week

What Happened: The neighbor backed into our parked car Monday morning. The door is dented in and the window won't roll down (and let me tell you, you never really appreciate the convenience of a drive-thru until you have two small children to get out of the car--the window not rolling down is a big deal).
Silver Lining: The neighbor came to the door to tell us even though we didn't see her and when we called the insurance company, she had already called and claimed full responsibility.

What Happened: The washing machine suddenly stopped draining water. Everything else worked, but it wouldn't drain.
Silver Lining: I was just washing fabric for a quilt, not poopy diapers (it was no big deal to scoop out basically clean water); and it turned out the switch seemed to be working, but was actually broken, so it was only $35 to fix.

What Happened: Because it seemed as though the washing machine was going to be down a while, I went to buy a pack of disposable diapers (am I the only mom of two children who is completely clueless in the diaper aisle???). Diapers that were completely unnecessary since the washing machine got fixed.
Silver Lining: The grocery store gave us zero hassle about returning them and refunding the full price----but I had used a $1 off coupon and a "buy a pack of diapers, get a bottle of soap free" coupon.

What Happened: Our old mortgage company paid a full year of homeowner's insurance about a week before we sold our last house. In the midst of selling a house, buying a house and having a baby, we didn't notice this. We basically gave a rather large, interest free loan to the company for a year.
Silver Lining: When the company called to tell us our policy had "lapsed" (since we didn't pay this year) and found out we didn't own that house last year, they cut us a check for the full year of premium, plus the leftover premium from the year before that (since we sold before the year was up). It's always fun to get an unexpected large check.

Still----I'd really rather not have any other seriously expensive things break this month.

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