Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sierra is FOUR!!!

Sierra has had a fun-filled birthday week! On her actual birthday (thursday), Josh took her to get donuts for breakfast, then she got to take rice krispies treats and kool-aid to school. She was SOOO excited to have everyone sing happy birthday to her and to get to hand out the treats.

I grabbed taco cabana for lunch because she wanted a quesadilla. After her nap, her friend Holly called her to tell her happy birthday, and I had to grab pictures of the first time she has talked on the phone to a friend:

Then we took her to chick-fil-a for dinner, where the poor kid got to get her very own kid's meal for the first time in almost a year (we usually get one adult meal for her and Sedona to share).

On Friday, she tried to convince me that since she was now 4, she would be 5 at her birthday party. Today we did a small party for her.

Here's her and her friends eating pizza:

Amazed at a card that sings happy birthday when you open it:

The present of the day, a toy lap top (since she's always insisting she needs to check her email--even though she doesn't have email):

Sedona trying to figure out what presents she could steal

The birthday cake:

Blowing out candles

Sedona figuring out that Pa-Paw usually has candy or cookies in his shirt pocket

1 comment:

Stephanie in OK said...

Happy Birthday, Sierra!! That laptop looks perfect for checking emails! ;-)

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