Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another Garden Update

I think Josh has hit on the real reason our seedlings didn't do as well this year....I was suspecting it was just too cold in our back room and he just reminded me that last year, we had our dryer venting into the room for extra heat (panty hose on the end of the vent tube to catch lent), which made the room one big ol' humid, hot green house. I'm gonna have to add that note to my garden log.

Outside, we finished planting spring crops. The last of the tomatoes, peppers and melons were transplanted, lots of black eyed peas and okra planted, kentucky wonder beans and christmas pole beans, pumpkin, more squash direct seeded into the ground, basil and oregano seed spread through out the garden.


One Acre Homestead said...

You know, my tomato seedlings are sort of at a standstill as well. I gave them a bit of compost tea yesterday to see if I could jumpstart them. I'd like for them to be a bit bigger before transplanting them outside.

The Hills said...

Ours were really very puny looking at transplant---one small set of leaves on most of them and they went crazy once we transplanted them. Of course, we have warmer weather down here, so I'm sure that helped. Our house really holds in the cold, so I think they just needed outside in full sun. Next year, I'll make sure to vent the dryer inside again and see if it helps.

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