Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Living well on (much) less

A video of an interview with Annette and Steve Economides happened to pop up on CNN this evening. I LOVED this family's book, America's Cheapest Family. We have been living frugally since we got married and this was the first resource I'd read in a long time that really had new ideas applicable to us. The end of each chapter has three ways to implement the techniques in that chapter---something for the family just starting to tighten their belt on down to the family already squeezing every dime. I'm convinced the way they lay out a budget is the absolute best way to set up a reasonable money management system and avoid surprise expenses. The best part is that unlike all those news stories about how a family manages to save a little money on 100K/year, these are real life techniques for real life salaries--30K/yr puts you in good shape if you follow a few principles. The book's at the local library and it's WELL worth reading.

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MoJoMama said...

I am going to have to check out this book... it sounds pretty similar to Dave Ramsey's approach.

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