Tuesday, March 17, 2009

H.R. 875

Yes, I'm actually venturing into politics (aside from general get out the vote stuff) on the blog

The Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009 came to my attention today. Then I found another blog that pretty well summed up my thoughts (I'm good at that...why re-invent the wheel when someone has already written a concise opinion?). One thing very important (I think) that that blog doesn't mention is that the bill's sponsor is Rosa DeLauro. Her husband is Stanley Greenburg. According to a bio on Mr. Greenburg, he "provides strategic advice and research for companies, organizations and campaigns trying to advance their issues amid shifting social currents." And one of his clients is Monsanto. From his own company's website, they are "committed to [their] clients' interests" (emphasis mine). The CLIENT'S interest. Not yours, not mine, not that of the family who wants to buy their food from a local, trusted source.

Now, that blog I linked to made the very good point that a lot of people (rightly) claim that most bills never make it out of committee, but that doesn't mean we ignore them. At some point someone usually does have the common sense to say, "hey guys, this is nuts". But let's face it, ideas like this usually have a lot of big corporation money behind them and it's only human for the ideas to start sounding pretty okay unless you have (or expect to have) a large number of your constituents back home raising a stink about it. It never hurts to get the word out. Otherwise, crazy ideas like this just slip through.

And since we're here anyway, read up on (and talk to your elected officials about) NAIS too.

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TennZen said...

Bravo! Proof that once again, you and I are of like mind! I was in the process of blogging about this bill today. I tweeted about it yesterday but was planning to go more in depth about it today. It's ridiculous and what's even more ironic, it has been brought about (and co-sponsored, I might add) by Democrats. The same party that claims to stand up for the little man. The same party that is embraced by nature lovers and even hippies - is the same party that is trying to regulate their farming and food raising practices right out of existence.

Perhaps instead of a tea party, we should be having a manure party!

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