Sunday, March 8, 2009

Fun Filled Weekend!

It's been a fun-filled weekend around here!! First of all, in gardening news, all but 2 of the potatoes we planted have now sprouted and are growing like crazy! It seriously looks like they're growing 2 or 3 inches a day. Friday evening, Sierra and I did some weeding--we just tilled under this patch of ground a few weeks ago and some grass is trying to grow back.

Then, on Saturday we headed out for a short camping trip at a local state park. We decided the kids might get a kick out of geo-caching, so we looked up a few that were hidden in the park. Saturday afternoon, we set out to look for the first one:

Sierra and Sedona had no problem taking off down the trail

Turns out Sedona's a tree-hugger:

She made it about 3/4 mile before she decided it was time to take a break:

Our first find!!

Back at camp, we started a small fire for a good ol' fashioned "weenie roast"

After polishing off a whole hot-dog, Sierra started asking for candy, but momma assured her something better was on the menu. Wonder what it could be....

A girl's first s'more:

Also yummy for the toddler-set:

"Ooh! This has more sugar than ice cream!"

Sierra wanted to try roasting some marshmallows on her own (she wouldn't eat them though, preferred cold, not melty marshmallows---what's up with that?!?)

We walked around more after dinner. Visited a small playground and the fishing pier. Nighttime did not go well. I honestly can't remember the last time I camped in such a heavily traveled location and the ground was more like concrete than dirt from having the same spot camped on so many times. The sleeping pads that are just fine with a little forest floor under them were pretty worthless in this situation. Josh and I didn't sleep more than 30 minutes straight before we'd wake up in was worse than newborn baby nights as far as restfulness. I'm definitely inclined to stick to less traveled spots.

This morning, we went looking for another cache. Sedona decided to ride right away this time (we set her down to walk and she pointed to the pack and said, "up-pa" which means "up, please").

After a bit of circular wandering, we finally found the right location and daddy spotted the cache.

This time we had brought a few trinkets to leave so we could take something. Sierra dug through and found a card game to take.
After the morning hunt, we loaded up and headed home. All in all a good time, though the crowds reminded me of why I always enjoyed backpacking more than car camping.


TennZen said...

Big fun! I didn't know you were a 'cacher, too! (My geoname is DixieRoo)

Way to go on your 'taters! We got ours planted this weekend - over 40 'tater tires planted. Looks like we might be looking at about an 800 lb. yield. Good gracious!

One Acre Homestead said...

We're hoping to go camping over spring break out at the Wildlife Refuge. I can taste those smores now!

I can't tell you how many times I've looked up all the websites for geocaching in this area. There are lots of them hidden at the refuge...maybe we'll try it out over the break!!

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