Friday, March 27, 2009

Our chickens have a date tonight

The chickens were supposed to be processed April 1st. Then, we had some pretty serious thunderstorms come through Wednesday. Josh helped them get in the coop when the rain started (they've never learned to go back in the coop at night). We watched out the window and they seemed okay. There was lots of lightening and thunder and lots of rain. We woke in the morning to find one chicken had been trampled or smothered, or something. It appeared they had all huddled together and this one got stuck underneath the pile. I've heard of turkeys doing the same thing in thunderstorms and I'm not sure of a practical way to avoid it. There is plenty of room in the coop to spread out and they didn't. When they're out of the coop, they still huddle up even in good weather, so I think they would've done the same. Also, there was a lot of water (two little temporary rivers running through the yard), so I think if we'd left them out we would have had some drownings. So, it was disheartening to deal with the dead chicken and then we checked the weather and found we are supposed to get down to 38 tonight and 34 tomorrow night, which is significantly colder than it has been. So, we called our processor and moved up our processing date to this afternoon. Josh is going to stay while they are doing the processing, I'll see if he's willing to take pictures.

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