Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break!

We've had a busy busy week! It was Spring Break for everyone at some point, so we were completely off our normal routine.

We started out last weekend with both girls having a stomach bug over night. Fun, fun, fun. There are lots of things to miss when your babies grow up....I'm assuming cleaning up vomit soaked sheets and pjs (repeatedly) is not one of them. Then on Monday, I woke up with the stomach bug. yay.

After that, things were looking up though. We spent a morning at the park with friends, we took a day trip to Cameron Park Zoo in Waco with some other friends, and took a VERY long day trip to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (super tiring, but WAY worth it). Sierra says she doesn't want to be a cowgirl and will never ever ride a horse (translation: she's not interested in barrel racing), but she was absolutely fascinated by the livestock show. 4-H kids were showing steers while we were there and you'd think that's a pretty boring thing for a 4 year old, but she wanted to sit and watch and know who won and why. I guess we might be joining the local 4-H when she's old enough. When we were home, we planted our ollas, transplanted some of the tomatoes, fed and watered chickies, transplanted squash, covered potatoes and just generally played in the dirt. The week in pictures....
Josh planting ollas
The giant moth that tried to break into the house
Checking out a giant tortoise at the zoo
Sierra and Sedona cruising the backyard
Rodeo days!
My little outlaw (yes, I know the hat's on backwards--we were on hour 10 of a 14 hour day, you're lucky there's a picture ;-)
End of the rodeo
Aunt Brandie took Sierra on the ferris wheel
Sierra enjoying the carousel
Daddy and Sedona


TennZen said...

Ah, 4-H! My eldest is in his first year of 4-H and he is having a ball. I was really active in 4-H when I was in school and I'm glad to see my boy taking such an interest. We're already making plans for 4-H camp this summer.

I've even got him talked into entering some exhibits in the county fair this summer.

Sorry to hear y'all are under the weather, but I'm glad y'all are otherwise having a good time!

One Acre Homestead said...

We love 4-H! This year we'll enter the bunny and at least one of the chickens the fair (along with mommy's jam of course!). I really think our bunny will do well this year...she was second in her class last year.

I'm so sorry everyone was sick, but it looks like you had a great week after the recovery & laundry. ;-)

I can't wait to hear how your ollas do this summer. Please keep the blog updated about them. When do we get some more chicken pics?

The Hills said...

When I looked up 4-H for our area it said you couldn't join until you were 9 or 8 and in the 3rd grade. Is it different in other places or has that sweet preschooler that chatted non stop on our Lick Creek Park hikes already gotten that old?!?

Ummm...the chickens.....had an unfortunate meeting with the dog yesterday. Well, one chicken, anyway. She was quickly put out of her misery and the dog is no longer allowed outside without human supervision. The weird thing was absolutely no bite marks on the chicken, the dog was just licking it. I think she literally gave it a heart attack (since they're prone to that anyway). And the silly things still don't move away from their fence when the dog's out.

The ollas seem to be working great. I'm planning a general garden update in the next day or two....need to post about the ollas, potatoes, strawberries and some seedling "drama"

One Acre Homestead said...

In our town, there is a 4-H group that meets after school and it is for Kindergarten through age 18. This is Isabella's first year! It's been fun, but we really enjoy the shows more than the meetings. We're missing Girl Scouts...which was her chosen extracurricular activity last year. I think we'll keep showing through 4-H, but go back to monthly Girl Scout meetings next year.

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