Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Harvest News

We've been able to harvest some things from the garden. Rather than pulling everything at once, we are trying to eat out of the garden when possible, so we've been (for instance) pulling one potato plant and leaving the rest to continue growing. The exception is the onions, which have had to be pulled sooner than expected (either because they started to bloom or because the tops fell over on their own), but there are still plenty of those in the ground as well. Current harvest totals (starting from the first of April):

10.5 pounds onions
3 pounds potatoes
1/4 pound green peas
5 pounds of strawberries (not including ones we threw straight to the chickens as a treat)
4 peaches
about 10 carrots

Unfortunately, the peas were hit with powdery mildew. They handled the last of the winter weather well and were very tasty, so we'll be a little more serious about growing them next year (they were an experiment this year). The potatoes are currently giving about 1/2 pound per plant, but the longer they stay in the ground, the more that number increases. There are about 70-75 plants still out there. The strawberries are still blooming and covered in berries. There are plenty of onions and carrots still in the garden. One peach tree has given up all its peaches now (some to the squirrels...) and the other has set fruit and I suspect will be giving us peaches in June. The pear tree that bloomed is doing well and the pears are getting bigger. Beans, tomatoes and peppers have all set fruit. The chickens are giving us 4-5 eggs per day.

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