Monday, May 25, 2009

How does your garden grow?

Sierra finished pre-school this week. Her teacher does a little end of year party for everyone and she had a blast and is very excited to be starting Kindergarten in the fall.

We took her out for pancakes in the morning

Here she is getting her surprises from Ms. Lydia.

Then I made the mistake of letting her know I had a list of fun "summer school" activities to do (she's upset we aren't putting her in school for the summer this year). I've got three months of activities planned and I'm sure she'd get through it all in one week if I let her. I did break down and go ahead and do the volcano activity:

Her other big accomplishment this week is learning to ride her bike without training wheels!! We had been talking about getting her a new, bigger bike and by coincidence, one of our neighbors put a bigger girl's bike out on the curb for trash day! We had to replace one tire, but it was cheaper than a whole new bike! Starting on Tuesday, Josh took her up and down the street a few times every night. By Saturday, she had it down! She still can't start and stop completely on her own, but she's getting there! We're trying to figure out how to upload clips from our video camera to the computer, but need to find a different cable. In the meantime, I have a short clip from the regular camera (hard to tell, but he's not holding her at all, just ready to catch her just in case):

And lastly, some updated garden pictures:

Carrots, a few onions and nasturtiums:
Green Beans and Cucumbers climbing their archways:
A few different squashes:
Peppers and Okra just getting started:
Tomato plants:

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