Wednesday, May 6, 2009

That's just peachy

I found out Monday that this weekend is Mother's day. Last fall I had started a quilt that I intended to give my mom for Christmas. It didn't get finished, so I figured it would be a handy Mother's Day gift. Fast forward to Monday when I realized I hadn't touched the thing since Christmas and had 2 days to finish (since I was seeing my mom today). I did it! I have a serious love/hate relationship with the Flynn Quilt Frame. I absolutely despise setting up the stupid thing and every time I contemplate it, I just about convince myself it'd be easier to just hand quilt. But then I manage to get a quilt completely quilted in 2 (crib size) to 10 (queen size) hours, and I'm in love again. I also have a love/hate relationship with invisible thread. I like the "forgiveness factor"...I'm new to machine quilting and this covers up my mistakes while I'm learning, but it can be a major pain to work with. While I finished binding the quilt this morning, Sedona did this:

At first she was crying that I wasn't playing with her, and then she got quiet. Any mom knows that quiet is a BAD thing. Quiet is not the universe giving you a reprieve, it's your child finding something SO interesting that it must be forbidden. Sedona got out three boxes of cereal. The raisin bran was the most fun, I suppose. In her defense, she did this right next to my sewing table and I let her--I figured a happy baby that let me finish my project was worth a box of cereal. She pulled handfuls out of the box, threw them on the floor, picked out the raisins and yelled "Ree Ree!!" until I said, "yes, raisin", then she ate them. Periodically, she stood up and did a happy dance on the bran flakes. Took two minutes to sweep up when I was done sewing. Well worth it.

And yesterday, we enjoyed our first homegrown peach. My wonderful husband is a serious peach fiend and could focus on nothing besides eating that fresh picked peach, so I have no pictures. I must say though that I am not a big fan of peaches and I relished my share (we split it in fourths) and wished there were more. It was fantastic!

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