Saturday, May 9, 2009

Customer Service

Sierra is amazingly astute about the importance of customer service. I'm beginning to think that on her days off from school, she should be a trainer for a certain nation-wide fast food chain. Yesterday she was playing "restaurant" and I over hear her saying, "There you go Sir. You have a nice day!" When I told her it was naptime, she turned back to her game and said, "I'll be right with you, I have to go take a nap real quick".

We had another run-in with McD's recently and Sierra reminded me yet again that they just aren't very nice and we should eat somewhere else (believe me, we only go there about once every 2 months as it is since the last incident). This time around, I wrote a letter and got one back basically saying, "We'll be right on that". Yeah, sure they will. I have the distinct impression that since this location was locally owned and I was from out of town, they just didn't care. You'd think someone higher up would clue in that I don't care who owns what, I associate McDonald's with McDonald's, not a specific local owner. I've worked in retail. It's not fun. Sometimes you run into rude customers. By and large though, people are nice if you're nice to them. More importantly, I always had the very clear understanding that my level of service determined the number of customers, which determined whether I had a job or not. I can't figure out why that knowledge is lacking in the McDonald's chain.

(Oh, and for the record, yes, I write letters to complain, but I also write letters to compliment excellent customer service)

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