Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another baby update

Did all of my 24 week check things this week and baby #3 appears to be baking nicely. I am gaining a little over a pound a week now, which has finally put me over pre-pregnancy weight. My blood pressure is quite good---still at my non-pregnant norm of around 110/60. Not spilling protein or glucose in my urine and no UTIs. Did my blood sugar check and it was 82 right before a meal and 116 one hour after a meal, which is just fine and dandy as well. Still measuring right on track for 24 weeks. The contractions continue to be much less of an issue so far in this pregnancy than they were in previous ones and I'm not dilating yet. I'm still thinking that's just from eliminating the stress of co-workers and office politics. I am having some really icky reflux issues lately, which pretty much sucks, but not nearly as much as being so sick in the beginning sucked. I have a feeling I'm going to see a return of...well, "returned" food here soon, so I'm just still focusing on weight gain.

Baby is much stronger than I remember the girls being. A lot of times her kicks hurt and we think she's training to be a kung fu champion. We may have zeroed in on a middle name as well. It's quite old fashioned, but meets all of our criteria and goes with the first name that we like.

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