Sunday, August 8, 2010

A New Address?

I'm getting tired of explaining my blog address. I've already claimed and can easily switch my blog over to that address while retaining all the posts. The thing that might kill me (from a purely egotistical point of view) is that I will lose my will look as though the blog is brand new to any search engines or companies and it will be a few months before I can get my (admittedly, meager) ratings back. But really, I'm tired of explaining the address. I'm torn on what to do, so I put up a poll over on the left. Help me out and vote on if I should change the address or not!

And I've got one border on the quilt (this one has two borders)...I really will get that quilt post up, but probably not for another 2-3 hours (I'll probably write it after the girls go to bed).


Rachel said...

I don't really care either way, but if it helps you decide at all, your blog address comes up every single time in our "questionable sites visited" emails we get with our internet accountability service.

Anonymous said...

Ok so this is picky but coming from someone who just Hates snakes it makes my skin crawl everytime I open it up and ready that address. Now to most of you this might seem funny or corny. BUT let me tell you what happenend to me just this week. I was picking eggs at our barn and out from the belt to my surprise came a hugh and I do mean BIG snake well these belts are automatic and it pushed the eggs down to a try that ends up where you are sitting yep right there about 2 inches from me was this snake. OMG how fast an old lady can move and I might add scream at the same time. Thankfully the hubby was just out side the door and came running in. He did manage to get the snake and take it away. That was it I was freaked out the rest of the day and somehow now when I go up there to pick eggs my heart just starts to race. I mean 6 yrs ago the hubby go bitten by a copper head. So yep I do want you to take away that nasty snake name. PLEASSSSEEEEEEE.



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