Saturday, August 14, 2010

Quilt: Scrap Happy Pieced!

I finished piecing the scrap happy quilt!!! There is no additional border on this one, so it's ready to quilt now (as soon as I decide what I'm doing for the back). You don't really appreciate how big a king-size quilt is until you're doing that last bit of sewing and ironing that joins everything together!

Here is the whole quilt:

And here is another close-up of what the individual squares look like:

Edited to Add: If you got here from the We Did It! or Quilt Story Linky, Welcome! I have been doing a series of posts since February so everyone could follow along as I made 2 quilts. The other quilt top along with links to each step of the process can be found here. I've got my backing fabric figured out and will be posting by the end of the week about setting up for the actual quilting part. Enjoy!
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Anonymous said...

Lovely I like the squares they seem to tie it all together and give a punch of color in just the right spots. For sure you have alot of quilting to do on this one.
Keep up the great work.


Big Fat Gini said...

LOVE! It looks awesome! And yes, I'm still searching for my little pieces of fabric... :OP

Bree said...

This is beautiful! I can't even imagine the undertaking of making a king size quilt! I thought about making a queen size, but chickened out when I started thinking about just how much work it would be.

Quiltstory said...

Oh my goodness this is amazing! Would you please come link this project (and any future projects you do ) to your tuesday fabric linky party? we are at hope to see you. So cute!

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