Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Everybody was Kung Fu Fighting..."

This baby is still crazy active. Josh thinks she's more active than her sisters were, but I disagree. She has long periods of sleep where she's very still, but when she's awake, she makes LOTS of STRONG movements. She seems to be a bit irritable too--this morning I popped my back, which woke her up (she usually sleeps in quite a bit) so she went crazy kicking and shifting around, then she got the hiccups, which seemed to tick her off even more. She's now calmed down and gone back to sleep.

For a couple of weeks, I was having a lot of contractions. They were manageable and not all that much more than what I had with the girls, but being on my own with the kids made it hard to rest when I needed to. So Josh made arrangements to come back early and he's been here almost a week now. The difference is amazing...maybe 1/10th the contractions I was having before he got here. We've settled into a nice little routine. I make the trip around town in the morning dropping the girls off at school and him off at the lab, then I go back around later to pick everyone up. Having help to get the girls ready in the morning and calmed down at night and being able to run errands without getting them in and out of the car makes all the difference.

Everything else is going really well, overall. This is my last week off before we start weekly visits for prenatal check-ups.

32 weeks along

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