Monday, October 11, 2010

Pierced Ears

When Sedona was born, we bought Sierra a "big sister gift" (which happened to be her first bike). We've been thinking about what we will do for big sister gifts this time around and finally decided that for Sierra, we'd let her get her ears pierced. We had originally thought we'd have her wait until she was about 9, but she's been asking about it and we thought it might be a good time to reinforce the idea that she's the oldest and there are some privileges she gets that go along with the stricter rules she has to follow. Also, the timing works out that she will be ready to take out the starter studs just before Christmas, so we can buy her more earrings (studs only if any friends/family have the same idea!!!) for Christmas gifts.

After Josh and I had talked it over and made the final decision, I let her know we were okay with her getting them pierced if she wanted to do it. Then we took a trip down to the store and had them explain how it works and show her everything and she took a few days to think about it. She finally decided she did want to do it.

Then the day came and we walked into the store.

She got SUPER anxious and changed her mind and wanted to wait another day. She was getting herself more and more worked up, so I finally convinced her if she wanted to do it, it was better to get it over with. I had brought the camera to take pictures, but she needed a little hand holding and tear wiping instead, so there are no pictures. By the time we got to the counter to pay, the tears were gone and she was fine. She wanted me to take her picture as soon as we left, so here's the evidence:
When we got to the car, she told me she was glad she did it instead of worrying over it longer, so I guess I didn't flub up too much by pushing her a bit :-p I'm determined to have them heal up well, so I've taken charge of cleaning them several times a day and so far things look good, they haven't been red at all and are comfortable for her.

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