Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Snaggle Toothed

The last time Sierra went to the dentist, he looked at her x-rays and proclaimed that her adult teeth were "right there" and she'd start losing her baby teeth soon.

So, of course, the next 5 months consisted of "WHEN am I'm going to lose my baby teeth?" and incessant wiggling of teeth that were definitely not loose.

Until Thursday night rolled around. After brushing her teeth, she let us know one tooth was kind of sore. A quick poke confirmed that she finally had a loose tooth.

She wiggled it all day Friday. She was excited to wake up Saturday and show us how far she could push it out of place. Every time I walked by, she was standing in front of a mirror wiggling it some more. She was even more excited to wake up Sunday and show us she could now push it side to side. She buckled down and got more serious about the wiggling.

Thankfully (oh so thankfully!) we had let her know that if she was eating something and bit down on something hard, she should make sure it wasn't her tooth. I mean, who wants to swallow their first tooth? She looked a little grossed out and said, "you mean, it'd be in my poop?!?" and I confirmed her suspicions along with letting her know that we would not be retrieving said tooth if that happened.

So on Sunday afternoon, when she bit off a piece of the lolly pop she was eating and it didn't quite feel right, she spit it out in her hand. Then she popped it right back into her mouth ('cause we wouldn't want to give up a single morsel of sugary goodness). It still didn't have the right flavor though, so she spit it out again, which is when Josh took notice and said, "hey! it's your tooth!"
To say the least, she was very excited
She was very reluctant to give up the tooth to the Tooth Fairy though because she wanted to have it to show everyone. She left a note to that effect with the tooth when she put it under her pillow. And wouldn't you know? That ol' Tooth Fairy not only let her keep the tooth (along with a note saying she had to let Josh and I keep it safe for her), she also left behind a generous $5 for it being the first tooth.

We got a loose tooth break for the rest of Sunday and then yesterday she started trying to loosen up the one next to it. The girl's on a mission and she may just get all those front teeth out before Thanksgiving...


Anonymous said...

Oh dear I am just sitting here laughing. That was such a cute story about her and a great pic as well. You can tell her that her daddy lost the front one on the other side of the one she lost and that he lost it eating a piece of Pizza one Sat night. We used to make pizza every Sat night when we lived in Rhode Island. Liz used to come up and it was her who made him spit the pizza out in her hand.
It took some finding but they found it and yep he continued to eat the piece of Pizza. lol.

Tell her she has a really great Fairy as well.

Love you guys,


Carolyn said...

Thank God Connor lost two teeth at the same time. I found one on the floor and threw it out not realizing what it was. Then Jason goes "Hey Connor lost his two bottom teeth!" We looked around in the kitchen and found one. Then I had to tell Jason what happened to the other one....

I didn't really care about saving them cause I think it's a bit gross, but Jason does care. So at least I can say we did save Connor's first one.

Sort of.

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