Friday, February 27, 2009

A Day in Pictures

It's a beautiful spring day here in Texas. What's that you say? It's only February? Oh pish posh! It's currently 85 degrees here. Never mind the fact that we are expecting a high of only 60 tomorrow (with a low of 33 at night)...the forecast predicts a sling shot back to 80 by Tuesday. Why yes, the weather is crazy. Why no, my brussels sprouts do not appreciate it. Anyways, on with the pictures!

A peach tree blooming like crazy:

New life springing forth from what could've passed for a dead stick two weeks ago:

Pear blossoms enjoying the warm weather:

Fig leaves just opening up:

Garlic sprouting:

One of our biggest strawberry plants (at least, it started as one plant, it's put off "babies" this year):

One (of three) onion/carrot bed:

Nasturtium sprouting:

A mossy turtle:

A lunchtime picnic with daddy:

Checking out the ducks and turtles:

1 comment:

Karen said...

This makes me miss TEXAS, not that I need help with that. So beautiful, I'm jealous that you have spring already. )0=

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