Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pink Eye

Pink Eye has struck the Hill household!! Interestingly, it has afflicted the youngest child, who stays home and is usually in-arms. The pre-schooler that trades germs with numerous other germ factories each day seems fine. Up until this point in motherhood, I have always treated pink eye with breastmilk. Yes, it works! I promise you it does. There are even a few adults (who shall remain un-named) who will attest that breastmilk cleared up pink eye for them in a matter of hours. Unfortunately, my youngest is weaned, so we are forced to deal with pink eye without nature's original "medicine chest" (get it? chest? ha! ha! ha!). I am well aware that plenty of pink eye is caused by a viral, not bacterial infection, but the poor kid was clearly miserable and her was swelling up and I had to do something. I'm pretty sure the person who blithely decreed that pink eye should be treated with the administration of erythromycin ointment 3 times a day did not have kids. First treatment, not a real big deal. But, I'm pretty sure treatments 2 through 15 will progressively escalate until it requires two adults and LOTS of screaming to hold down a 23 pound ball of fury, hold her head still and maybe pry her eye open just a tad. On the good side, since we chose to have a home birth, we already had erythromycin eye ointment at home and saved a few bucks on filling the prescription. Now, if I had only known ahead of time that was the treatment, I could've also saved a $25 co-pay.

While daddy managed the toddler at urgent care (it was easier than office hours at the regular clinic during the day), I stayed home and created yummy, delicious, wonderful cream cheese pound cake. Just a few small changes--I baked in two loaf pans instead of a tube pan and it took longer than 80 minutes to cook.

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